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EU Public Affairs Conference: A New Introduction to Public Affairs

November 20, 2018 to November 21, 2018

EU Public Affairs Conference: A New Introduction to Public Affairs

EU Public Affairs Conference: A New Introduction to Public Affairs

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, the European Union continually faces the challenge of remaining modern, honourable, and transparent, all while embracing new and uncertain issues with benevolence, clarity, and rationale. New political developments bring doubts, questions of safety, and petitions for security. The EU Public Affairs Conference 2018 gathers experts from throughout Europe to provide an understanding of navigating public affairs in the digital world.

Whether you're familiarising yourself with new tech, employing data analysis to better your community, battling hate speech, or using social media to improve your political strategy, one thing is clear - if trust is the new currency, you must learn how to make it, and learn how to spend it. We warmly welcome you to the EU Public Affairs Conference 2018: A New Introduction to Public Affairs.

About the Conference

- Europe and its Future: Is confidence in the EU on a decline? How can we measure and remedy this? What will the next elections bring? How do we go and stay green and lean? How does hate speech affect us and those around us, and how do we combat it?

- Deep Dive PA: Is trust the new currency? How do we earn it? Where do social-impact initiatives come into play and how can they benefit trust and reputations of businesses big and small? What is responsible lobbying and how do we implement it? Are we building partnerships? How do we define and refine partnership building?

- The future: Tech in EU Public Affairs: How do we use social media tools to our advantage? How do we properly analyse risk, gather data safely, and use data efficiently? How do we reassure our constituents and clients of safety measures taken with regard to the use of new technology in public affairs?

- Build trust and maintain transparency with clients for stronger, long-term relationships (playing the long game). 

- Understand and use new technology in the most efficient way while maintaining restrictions for personal safety through the regulation of data collection, storage and sharing. 

- Establish and retain your network and company brand through (including but not limited to) social media platforms, social-awareness initiatives, responsible lobbying, and partnership building. 






EU Public Affairs Conference: A New Introduction to Public Affairs
May 31 2017 to Jun 1 2017 |



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