8. Conference

International Crisis Communication

October 14, 2019 to October 15, 2019



International Crisis Communication
Building Trust in Times of Cybercrime and Political Crisis
Apr 5 2018 to Apr 6 2018 | Berlin

At the 6th international crisis communication conference we discussed various topics within three modules: 1) cybercrime and political threats; 2) social media crises: 3) trust is key. Speakers elaborated on crisis prevention, crisis response strategies, crisis-related search engine optimization and many more interesting aspects of crisis management. Let's see which crises we have to prepare for next year!

International Crisis Communication
How to manage challenges successfully
Apr 6 2017 to Apr 7 2017 | Berlin

At the 5th International Crisis Communication Conference speakers and delegates shared learnings beyond the gloss of a job well done. More than 100 delegates came together to discuss how to successfully manage corporate crises. See you next year!

International Crisis Communication
Sep 12 2016 to Sep 13 2016 | Berlin

In September 2016 Quadriga's last crisis communication conference brought together 100 communicators and PR professionals to discuss the latest developments. We are looking forward to continue the discussion in 2017!

International Crisis Communication
Sailing through Stormy Waters: The Communicator as Crisis Manager
Nov 21 2013 to Nov 22 2013 | Berlin

The 3rd Crisis Communication Conference presented the communicator from a different perspective: as a crisis manager. With more than 60 participants and more than 15 countries represented, the conference offered workshops, keynotes and best cases.

International Crisis Communication
Managing Different Stakeholders in Crisis Situations
Nov 22 2012 to Nov 23 2012 | Berlin

The 2nd Conference Crisis Communication, which took place on November 22/23, 2012 tackled the topic of managing different stakeholders in times of crisis. The event gathered more than 80 participants from all over Europe, who share an interest in crisis communication and who discussed the latest developments in this field.